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We desire Panorama, Outward & Within

"Certain people have certain ways of focusing on things, and some arrange their lens to a pinhole in order to focus only on their goal. Others have a giant lens, and they take in the whole panorama. I was that pinhole kind of person."

Wendy Whelan

A few friends asked where the picture on my homepage was taken; they loved the mountains view and some guessed it was Switzerland. I told them I had no idea - it came from image database of my website platform. My intention of choosing that image is to bring out the openness and possibilities we desire.

Despite yearning for the openness and possibilities, we often get stuck with one way of looking at / being with the situation. When I ask my coachee, 'this is one perspective of looking at XYZ, what else is possible?' Many times their faces lit up, and then they found multiple new perspectives. They pivoted from being stuck to shifting their energy with new ideas coming in.

This applies not only to external situations, but also to our own possibilities. I brought up Narrative Identity in my previous post: We subconsciously form a narrative to define ourselves; curating a new narrative flourishes us with new possibilities.

If we can take the whole panorama outward & within, we are filled with unlimited possibilities for growth.

Machu Picchu, Peru
This is taken by me personally at Machu Picchu, Peru in Sep 2019 - my last hiking trip pre-COVID.

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