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Change and growth begin with the magic of conversation.

Unlocking Eve: Hong Kong Pilot paint

Returning from the Unlocking Eve Integrated Leadership Experience, I’m reflecting on my life journey leading me to where I am now and what is possible for me in the future. Unlocking integrated leadership in all people is essential for a balanced and healthier world, and Unlocking Eve is helping leaders find the keys.

It was transformative to spend a day and a half with healthcare leaders Eva McLellan and Kaye Vitug and learn about the #PowerofTwo — the concept that integration is unlocked and deployed within the self, between leaders, AND by going beyond the systems we’re in for increased effectiveness and better outcomes. Their partnership is a living, breathing example of the exponential impact integration can have on people and systems. We are very used to introduce ourselves in a certain way, usually highlighting our own achievements and the platforms with which we associate(d). Our narratives define our identities; the narrative can constrict or expand our leadership range. Good news is we own our narratives and we can alter them to unleash our potentials. One way to do that is to leverage the Power of Two by having conversations with your trusted partners, helping you tap into your Power of Within to refine your narratives in a self-authoring way. It will not be either one leadership style or another, but balancing and integrating the styles to become one.

The world needs better leaders at all levels; we are writing a collective story to make the world more balanced and healthier.

Unlocking Eve Pilot: Hong Kong cohort
Unlocking Eve Pilot: Hong Kong cohort

About Unlocking Eve: Founded in 2020, Unlocking Eve is a health equity and leadership development nonprofit with a dual mission:

  • To accelerate the advancement of women into leadership and decision-making roles in healthcare.

  • To promote a new profile of integrated leadership across all sectors, backed by a new scorecard to recruit, select, measure and reward leaders. Unlocking Eve aims to reach 100 million people by 2030 through immersive, integrated leadership experiences, through primary and secondary research and insights, and by accelerating action through high-impact awareness campaigns.

About the Unlocking Eve Integrated Leadership Experience: Our immersive leadership experiences bring together leaders from across the globe and across sectors to explore the power of integrated leadership and the role of leaders in healing the world. Leaders engage in deep and practical development work anchored to what they hope to create in the world and in service of their colleagues, patients, customers, communities, and the world. We have piloted the experience and method in the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, Switzerland, South Africa, the Philippines, and China. By the end of 2023, we will have piloted in eight countries and engaged 200 leaders.

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