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The Beginning

'The Inner Voice that comes from within for no reason is a gift from the Universe.'

Living Your True Self by Hide Enomoto

Coaching has been in and out of my life for years. Every time it touches my life, either as a coach or a coachee, it leaves a stronger resonance within me. When being asked what I love about coaching, I tend to share:

  • Witnessing my coachees' growth and my own, too;

  • Broadening perspectives to shift energy from reactive to creative;

  • Being in the moment for amazing dialogues.

These translated into the tagline of 'grow. pivot. flow.'

Many of us encountered tremendous frustrations in Shanghai in 2022Q2; the silver lining of being at home was having abundant time to reflect what is important in life. Since then, the inner voice of 'going home and starting my own coaching practice' has been lingering in my head. After months of reflection, I concluded that building my own coaching practice aligns with my life purpose, "to shine light and warmth upon others for their growth and directions." I trust the Universe hands me this gift not just for my professional development, but also for me to live in fulfilment and courageous authenticity.

Why naming my practice "Panorama"? I love the nature and hiking. When attending the National Geographic Exhibition, I saw the picture below and the word "Panorama" immediately popped: I am aspired to help others create a panoramic perspective toward life.

Are you interested in exploring your panoramic perspective? We can have a 30-min chemistry session and you can book the session here

The birth of Panorama Advisory

"A fish-eye view of the Milky Way above giant sequoia trees on a starry autumn night"

by Babar Tafrashi / National Geographic

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