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How Well Do You Listen?

“And so I had him thinking of me as a good conversationalist when, in reality, I had been merely a good listener and had encouraged him to talk.”

Dale Carnegie

Listening actively during meetings

Do you feel there are too many meetings during the day, and yet the communications are not very effective? It boils down to: how well do you and others listen during the meetings?

When you are in a conversation, do you think:

  • “I’ve had the same experience,”

  • “I don’t agree with that,”

  • “What should i say after this so I come across as value-added?”

  • Etc.

That is Level 1 Listening: you are not really fully hearing the other person. Level 2 Listening is that you are intensely focused on what the other person is saying. Nothing is distracting you. Thoughts about the past or the future don’t intrude.

Level 3 Listening is similar to Level 2 and with a wider focus - tone of voice, body language, vibe all inclusive. At Level Three Listening, not only you can pick up more clues, verbally and non-verbally, from the conversation, the other person feels more engaged and connected.

Up for an experiment? Find a partner, then one person talks about anything for 3 minutes non-stop with the other person exercising Level Three Listening. Swap. At the end, debrief what you feel when speaking and when listening.

Or you can try to have a coaching session - I am committed to exercising my Level 3 Listening and you, my coachee, are the center of all. If interested, you can book a chemistry session here

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