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Have you thought about stewarding the planet?

We exist to evolve the conscious practice of leadership, to steward the planet, and to awaken us all to our inherent unity.

Leadership Circle's Purpose

Leadership Circle Profile - first cohort in Hong Kong
First cohort of LCP certification in Hong Kong

A few weeks ago, I was honored to refresh my knowledge in Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) by attending the first in-person certification training in Hong Kong. Despite learning the materials before, I am still blown away by how LCP is built upon the Universal Model of Leadership™ which integrated the field of leadership. LCP assesses (1) Competencies - What is going on? (2) Assumptions - Why is it going on? and (3) Style Type Personality which creates the pathway for change. It is truly 360 and creates profound impact on leaders and the companies they serve.

I am also pleased that I could experience the "magic of the LCP mat" this time (the  bonus of attending an in-person training) with a the group of leaders who are vulnerable and courageous simultaneously. The energy shift from reactive to creative during the training was incredible and it was co-created by the amazing cohort. I am proud of being part of the LCP community and serving the purpose. We need better leaders at all levels.

Are you eager to learn more about LCP? We can discuss and you can book the time here:

Reactive & Creative Leadershi
Reactive & Creative Leadership (aligned with Robert Kegan's Adult Development)
Leadership Circle Profile - What's your identity?
What's your identity?
More details about LCP in "Mastering Leadership"
More details about LCP in "Mastering Leadership"


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