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Unleash executives' creative energies to lead in fulfilment 


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Our Story

Our Story

Panorama Advisory's story

I am Silvia Suen, the founder & leadership coach at Panorama Advisory.  


Leadership is vital to the successful future of any organization, and it’s an intangible quality.  As a senior executive once described, “you cannot see leadership, but you can feel it.”  

Our vision is to uncover the creative energies among leaders who would transform from being directive to achieving collective success with their teams.  Through coaching and training programs, we are determined to help leaders:

- Grow their capacities and capabilities; 

- Pivot from their blindspots and challenges;

- Flow in the present with curiosity.

We believe enabling leaders to have a panoramic perspective toward themselves and the world will allow them to lead in fulfilment and courageous authenticity.

Our Services

Leadership Coaching at Panorama Advisory

Leadership Coaching

You lead and/or influence others in an organisation.  You want to be an effective leader, and yet are not clear what you should do.  Let's tap into your strength as well as development areas to make you a courageously authentic leader, who you are meant to be. 

Leadership Circle Profile by Panorama Advisory

Leadership Circle Profile (LCP)

LCP provides a detailed snapshot in time, enabling leaders to answer the question: “How are my behaviors and mindset enabling or constraining my intended leadership impact and our business performance?”  It serves as a thought-provoking start of a coaching journey.

Team Coaching at Panorama Advisory

Leadership Training & Group Coaching Program

A team of you desires to create collective success in this dynamic yet vulnerable environment. To fully transform the  mindset from 'me' to 'we,' a training program can be curated to address your needs.  


Deeper Signals

Unlock peronsal core values and drives that help grow individuals, build teams and scale organizations, changing how people amplify their strengths, drive performance and work together.

Life Coaching at Panorama Advisory

Life Coaching

"Work is a part of life."  Do you feel your life can be better but don't know what that looks like and what it takes?  We help you re-connect with your purpose and values so that you can live in fulfilment & alignment.

Positive Intelligence (PQ)

A 7-week foundation of mental fitness by strengthening three critical mental muscles to shift the balance of power from your inner Saboteurs (your negative self) to your inner Sage (your positive self). Creating sustained change towards a more positive mind.


A Transformational Journey with a Remarkable Coach

I am grateful for the transformative experience I've had with Silvia, whose attentive, warm, and inspiring approach has been instrumental in my personal and professional development. 


Inspiration - Silvia always encourages self-reflection, which has been crucial in my journey of self-discovery. Her guidance has not only helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses but also how to leverage them effectively.

Navigation - Throughout our time together, she has been a beacon of patience and understanding. Listening to my challenges with genuine care, she has expertly guided me through a process of discovery, helping me to see issues from different perspectives and to break down self-imposed barriers.


I am thankful for the impact Silvia has on my life. Her coaching has not only improves my leadership skills but also enriches my life on a personal level. 

Cynthia, China

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